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Introducing our newest theme by Paul Frank. Enjoy Julius and friends with this fun and playful set of designs.
An fun collection of templates made with witty designs
exclusively from Wry Baby.
Choose from a collection of unique, modern designs from top designers.
Hip, playful designs inspired by onesies and tees from Threadless KIDS!
Original Jellybeans
Our original customizible theme in fun colors. Mix and match flavors, icons, and fonts to make your website unique and special.
Designer Jellybeans
Similar to Original Jellybeans but in our Designer style. Choose different colors, accents, and fonts to create a stylish, personalized website.
Cool Beans
One of our most popular customizible themes comes with hip new colors and super-cool, retro accents. Choose different options for every page of your site!
Journey East
Journey to the far east in a magical sea of lilipads and dragonflies. The three characters symbolize love, dream, and happiness.
At the Zoo
Grab your popcorn and enjoy a stroll through the zoo. Complete with a curious giraffe, busy penguins, and other zoo residents. This theme is a cheery and playful way to show off your happy little bundle.
Little Angel in Pink
With adorable little cherubs holding up your baby's first photo, this theme is just perfect for your little angel. Each new page you add will be a blessing.
Little Angel in Blue
Prefer your little angel against a sky blue backdrop? This theme, seemingly floating in midair, is just right for your little, heaven-sent bundle.
Secret Garden
Our Secret Garden is a charming way to present your little blossom to the world. Adorned with cute little flowers and critters, this theme is a favorite among our members.
Under the Sea
Your baby's pictures and videos are sure to catch some attention swimming among colorful fish and other ocean friends...
no swim lessons required.
Our Dinosaur them is sure to delight your visitors. Present your baby's photos and video with our adorable, prehistoric friends.
At the Movies
Do you have a little performer? This sensational theme showcases your baby like a movie star. Each photo takes center stage making your website a box office success!
Wanted Poster
Our western theme is perfect for your little cowboy or cowgirl. It's a fun way to show your baby's pictures in the fashion of the old west. Giddy up partner!