Our secure servers and our careful procedures ensures that every transaction you make on Babyjellybeans.com will be 100% safe. This means that in the unlikely event an unauthorized charge is made to your card as a result of buying on Babyjellybeans.com - you will not be held responsible. You can rest assured your credit card information is safe and secure with us.

Safe and Secure
First of all, we abide by a thorough privacy policy that outlines what information we receive and how it's managed. Secondly, we place any sensitive data behind a total shield of security that ensures its safety. For example, when you enter any area on our site that involves the transfer of sensitive data like credit card numbers, you will be in a secure area.

The easiest way to tell you have a secure connection is by looking for "https" rather than "http" in the URL. That means your data is being hidden using advanced encryption technology.

Encryption works
The best way to keep your information safe is through the use of encryption. We do this with the protocol known as Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. It works with your browser by encrypting the transmitted data in a way that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to decode.

Still a little insecure?
If you'd like more information on exactly how we receive and manage your data, check out our extensive privacy policy. And if there's still a lingering question that you'd like answered, please email us from our contact page.